Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Man enters a home to steal, ends up hanging from a wall

 A would-be bandit tried to enter a home, but his foot got caught on the wall. He had to wait for the police to be rescued.
CORDOBA, ARGENTINA. On March 19, 2016, a 36-year-old man tried to break into a home in the Ferreyra neighborhood of Cordoba, Argentina, but his foot got hooked on a 6-inch long iron nail while he was crossing over a dividing wall. The unfortunate robber was stuck hanging upside down.

According to El Diario de Carlos Paz, a newspaper in the Cordoba province, the daughter of the neighbor next door told her father she saw a shoe on the wall. When the duo approached the wall to check out the unusual sight, they were surprised to find a man—later identified as Sebasti├ín Hugo Vega—hanging from his left foot.

At first, police thought that he had been electrocuted as he did not move and did not respond to questions, but they soon dismissed the idea when they realized the wall was not electrified.

After lowering Vega, officers found that the man only had a broken shoe, but was in otherwise good health. Once rescued, he was brought to the police station.

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