Sunday, 17 April 2016

Gabi Grecko's assets eclipsed by camel toe in topless selfie fail

Gabi Grecko poses with ribbons on boobs INSTAGRAM
STEALING THE SHOW: Can you spot Gabi's wardrobe malfunction?
Unfortunately, the same can't be said for her nether regions, which were barely covered by an ill-fitting playsuit worn around her waist.

And we don't know whether the model had hiked the one-piece up too high or was simply striking an unfortunate pose, but the ensuing camel toe was hardly subtle.
Then again, subtle has never really been Gabi's thing has it?
Gabi Grecko suffers from camel toe INSTAGRAM
WHY ZOOM IN?: It's like Gabi is highlighting the faux pas...
The rest of the hottie's barely-there ensemble consisted of a red wig, statement necklace and two strategically placed ribbons to protect her modesty.
In the beauty stakes, the girlfriend of French Morgan rocked a white manicure, burgundy, glossy pout and heaps of black eyeshadow, for a look that screamed "more is more".

Gabi Grecko puts bows on her boobs

GIFT WRAPPED: We bet Frenchy Morgan appreciated the pics
Still, as Gaby recently reminded us, she couldn't care less what other people think.
The Maxim bombshell recently recorded a and insisted her reputation meant nothing to her.
In a slightly more modest snap, the vixen poses with a pal, who she joked was filling the void left by her absent girlfriend.

Gabi Grecko poses in playsuit

SUBSTITUTE GIRLFRIEND: Gabi has been lovesick in recent days
"A friend day I miss my baby #frenchylove," she captioned the post.
The enamoured pair recently commemorated their relationship like only they could – with a .
The thing's we do for love...

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