Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Scottish Man Threatened Shopkeeper With Axe Because The Store Didn't Sell Buckfast

A man has been jailed for threatening a shopkeeper with an axe after being told the store didn't sell Buckfast.
Sean McLoughlin, 23, was sentenced to 16 months in prison after he was found guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.
McLoughlin was said to have become enraged with shopkeeper Ruari Campbell after being told the Londis shop didn't stock Buckfast Tonic Wine, a highly caffeinated alcoholic favourite in Scotland.
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He then proceeded to steal a bottle of vodka from behind the shop counter, and brandished an axe from his sleeve when Campbell attempted to stop him leaving.
McLoughlin was found drinking the vodka a short distance from the shop and apprehended by police.
Sheriff Beckett told the defendant: "The court cannot tolerate people working in shops, providing services for the public, being subjected to behaviour likely to be intimidating and frightening indeed."

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