Wednesday, 13 April 2016

‘hidden’ Facebook messages folder really disappointing

It appears that Facebook users have found another "hidden" messages folder, which is designed specifically to screen out messages from people who aren't your friends.
It's essentially the spam folder for your Facebook messages. For example, when I went into my own account to check it out — and make the sweet GIF you see below — all I found were unsolicited messages, probably from bots, which were saying some variant of "hey beuaty [sic] full." In other words, I wasn't missing much; you may not be either.
To find the so-called "hidden" Facebook messages folder on the iOS app, you actually do have to do quite a lot. First, you have to go into the Settings menu, then hit the "People" option. From there, head to "Message Requests" and then you should see an option for "Filtered Messages." Or check the aforementioned sweet GIF below:
It's definitely true that finding this menu isn't easy. In fact, I couldn't actually find the folder in the Android app, but others have reported that it may depend on which version of the app you have. You can also access it on the Web, by logging into your account, clicking on the Messages icon in the top menu bar, and then hitting the "Message Requests" tab. "See Filtered Requests" should be an option there.
Facebook has likely hidden the folder to keep spam from inundating your inbox, and to prioritize messages from your actual friends. That's likely a good thing for most users. Still, any filtered messages are yours, and you may want to see them — particularly if you were expecting a message from someone and never received it. Those who use their Facebook accounts for business are probably the most likely to find something useful (or infuriatingly late) in their message inboxes, since they're far more likely to get messages from users who aren't friends.

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