Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Horrific rape and murder in Bredasdorp

Sulnita Manho, 23, was brutally raped and killed in Bredasdorp. Credit Daily voice
Bredasdorp - Another young woman has been brutally raped and killed in Bredasdorp, near the same spot where Anene Booysen was attacked in 2013.
Residents have described the murder of Sulnita “Nita” Manho, 23, as even more horrific than that of Anene, who had been raped and was found with her stomach slit open on a construction site.
Sulnita’s body was found outside a building at the Kalk Oonde, on the edge of the Overberg town in the early hours of Saturday morning.
The single mother had been tied up, beaten with a brick, raped, stabbed, cut and a beer bottle had been shoved in her vagina.
A police source told Daily Voice: “A rope that looks as if it could be a T-shirt that was torn up, was tied around her neck and fastened to the safety gate of the building where she was found.”
He added that Sulnita’s wrists had also been slit and clumps of her hair pulled out.
Bredasdorp SAPS commander MareƩ Louw confirmed that a 20-year-old suspect has been arrested on Saturday.
Blood splatters against a wall and a blood stain on the grass with small tufts of hair scattered around was the only evidence left at the scene of the horrific crime.
Sulnita had gone with her cousins Zelda Pietersen, 19, and Bianca Manho, 15, and a friend Alida Claassens, 18, to drink at a shebeen in Zwelitsha on Friday night.
The girls say she’d been acting strangely before she disappeared from the shebeen.
“It was like she wasn’t really with us, her thoughts were somewhere else,” said Zelda.
The teens looked for Sulnita but decided to hike back home to Karsrivier Farm outside Bredasdorp when they couldn’t find her.
According to sources, the suspect, believed to be a drug addict, tried to sell his victim’s jeans afterwards.
Hours later Katriena Manho, 53, had the traumatic task of identifying the pants and a photo of her niece’s face.
“Ek het amper omgekap toe ek die foto sien (I almost collapsed when I saw the photo),” said Manho.
“Her eyes were closed and her face was full of blood.”
Police had been called to the scene at approximately 4am on Saturday morning.
“The female victim had serious head injuries and had been sexually assaulted,” said Louw.
“The investigating officer made some enquiries in the area and a witness identified the suspect who was arrested a short while later at his house.”
It is not clear who found Sulnita’s body, or if the suspect was known to her.
Louw said she was extremely concerned about the brutality of female murders in the area.
In the past three years, the town has been rocked by the rape and murder of at least three young women.
Sulnita’s body was discovered close to where Anene was found on February 2, 2013.
Johannes Kana was handed two life sentences for Anene’s rape and murder.
Exactly two years later, the body of five-year-old Kayde Williams was found in a field at the edge of the town. The child had been raped and, according to sources, her limbs were broken.

And last year, 15-year-old Elda Jaftha was beaten and choked to death, allegedly by her boyfriend Gift Sibondo, who then hid her body under their bed.
Daily Voice

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