Monday, 11 April 2016

This Child rapist Robert Burrett jailed

Child rapist Robert Selwyn Burrett has been sentenced to 19 and a-half years in jail with a minimum non-parole period of 10 years.
His sentencing came after the mother one of his young victims stood in court, looked him in the eyes, and said, "I hate you".
Christchurch school bus driver and caretaker Burrett earlier pleaded guilty to 21 charges of sexual violation relating to 12 young victims, including on children he abused in his underground caretaker's shed, at the High Court at Christchurch.
The 64-year-old grandfather admitted abuse including rape, sodomy, forced oral sex, indecent assaults, video-taping of the offending, and watching pornography.
Burrett installed curtains and a lock in the caretaker's shed at the school where he worked. He would take the girls there, often giving them chocolate and lollies, before sexually abusing them.
The mother of young victims told Burrett that his crimes had left her feeling like a useless parents, blaming herself for his offending.
The family, she said, feels "betrayed in the worst possible way" by someone they thought they could trust.
Her daughters are more suspicious now, affecting how they trust people, and are scared that the abuse will happen to them again.
The offending has affected the mother's relationship with her daughters.
"I hate you and hate what you have done to my daughters," she said.
The mother, holding back tears, told Burrett in the dock that she felt "disgusted" and "sickened", as well as angry and frightened that it could impact her "traumatised" daughters in the future.
She hoped no child is ever allowed near him again.
Defence counsel Rupert Glover said it had been "a very difficult case".
Burrett initially pleaded not guilty in April last year but since then had slowly come to grasp the gravity of his offending, Mr Glover said.
By last December, a psychiatric report found Burrett had significant psycho-sexual disturbance.
Reading the victim impact statements had acted as an epiphany for Burrett, Mr Glover said, making him suddenly realise what he'd done.
He was very remorseful and knew that he required treatment, the lawyer added.
A large crowd packed the public gallery to hear the harrowing victim impact statement and police summary of facts.
It tells how Burrett, who the Herald revealed had been forced from two schools in the North Island as principal and deputy principal after complaints about his incompetent and concerning teaching methods, preyed on young girls aged between 5 and 12.
He taught for more than 40 years in schools across the country, before becoming a tutor, relief teacher and bus driver.
Burrett, who has two drink-driving convictions in 2001 and 2007, was employed as a part-time caretaker at a Canterbury school from the beginning of 2013, after having been a casual relief teacher.
He was also employed as a bus driver transporting special needs pupils from their homes to school.
All the pupils he drove attended primary school and had some form of disability that affected either their communication and/or physical and mental functioning.
Between February 1, 2013, and February 23, 2015, he invited a girl, then aged between 8 and 10, on multiple occasions to his "underground" caretaker's shed in the school grounds.
He gave the girl chocolate and lollies and talked with her about "adult stuff" and not to tell anybody.
As she would climb the stairs to leave the shed, Burrett would touch her on the bottom, the police summary says.
On another occasion, Burrett approached the girl in a park.
"He hugged [the girl], patted her on the bottom and asked if she wanted to come with him in his vans to do some jobs at school. [The girl] ran to a friend's house nearby," the summary says.
Between February 1, 2013, and February 23, 2015, Burrett approached another girl as she walked to school.
He hugged her, kissed her on the cheek, and said, 'Hi, darling. Be good in class', which the girl thought was "weird" and "gross" and ran to class.
Around the same time, Burrett took two girls aged 9 and 10 into the shed and abused them.
He forced oral sex on them, assaulted them with a vibrator, and raped one of the girls who later told police it was "painful and gross".
Burrett showed them pornographic videos, played sick dice games with them, and filmed the abuse before replaying it to them.
Another girl aged between 10-12 says she was raped "most days during morning teas or lunch time".
Other young disabled girls told police how they were sexually assaulted while Burrett transported them to and from school. Burrett told them they had to keep it a "secret".
On March 25 last year, police raided his house and found a computer with hardcore child pornography on it.

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