Monday, 11 April 2016

woman tried to withdraw money from her account but ATM gave me paper’


Cape Town - A Scottsville mother who tried to draw her wages got a huge fright when the ATM pushed out worthless paper instead of money.
The horrified woman, 40, says she drew R1 000.
However, four of the notes were white paper, the same size as bills, and hidden in between the money.
The mom, who withdrew the money at an Absa ATM in Milton Road, Scottsville, immediately went to the Absa branch in Cape Gate Mall to notify the bank of the problem, and to demand her cash back.
She says she was very nervous to confront the bank, but felt she had to let them know immediately.
“I work too hard for my money. At the ATM I checked the amount and was surprised at the white pieces of paper in between the R100 notes. It was unbelievable. I was immediately angry, my bloed het gekook (my blood was boiling).”
“It was a lucky thing I checked, otherwise I would have been embarrassed when I was at the till to pay for my groceries,” she says.
The neatly cut rectangular sheets had the letters FIT printed on them, as well as SBV Services.
The woman says the bank manager told her they would launch a “forensic investigation” into the matter, and apologised for the inconvenience.
“They also promised that I would have my money in 10 working days,” she says.
Absa spokesperson Lexi Ball told Daily Voice on Sunday that the case “will receive highest priority” first thing today.

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