Tuesday, 5 April 2016

world’s top hotel concierge

AWARD WINNER: Masood Sadulla, 31, head concierge at the five-star Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, has become one of 12 South Africans to receive the coveted Golden Keys' from the international hotel concierge association, Les Clefs DOr.
Cape Town - A concierge from Rondebosch East, Cape Town, scooped two prestigious awards within a month for his dedication to service, including the coveted Golden Keys.
Masood Sadulla, 31, uses his “experience, contacts and institution” to ensure his guests leave the country with unforgettable memories.
Sadulla now proudly displays his crossed golden keys on his lapel as an international symbol of his award-winning service. “As a concierge, I will accommodate every guest request as long as its morally, legally and humanly possible,” he said.
The Golden Keys is awarded by the international hotel concierge association Les Clefs D’Or. The recognition is synonymous with “excellent services rendered by a seasoned professional”.
Membership to the association is exclusive and being awarded the right to display the crossed Golden Keys emblem on your lapel, even rarer.
As the head concierge of the five-star Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, Sadulla said his role includes looking after his guests’ most valuable things – time and money.
He said the job is complex because one has to deal with guests who have their own preferences, desires and whims. Getting to know each guest, he said, in order to be able to render a personalised service, is important.
Job responsibilities include taking charge of guests’ itinerary and going above and beyond by organising activities that guests will enjoy.
Going the extra mile is what makes the job challenging and rewarding, he said.
“A concierge can make sure that guests get reservations at fully-booked hotels and get tickets for sold-out shows. It doesn’t stop there. It involves having a little bit of knowledge of various things, where the best, new cafés, restaurants and bars are. I constantly have to learn and that’s why I love my job so much,” he said.
Twelve Apostles general manager Michael Nel said he was proud of Sadulla’s achievement.
“The keys are an international symbol for his dedication to exceed guest expectations. Over the past five years, he’s worked really hard to get to his point to be part of the association. International guests definitely associate the keys with his expertise and inside information.
“As one of only 12 golden key members in SA, Masood should be really proud. He’s a wonderful person.”
Sadulla said winning Concierge of the Year at the annual Red Carnation Hotel Collection Staff Appreciation Awards Gala in London a few weeks ago was the proudest moment of his life.
“It’s called the President and Founder awards. The owner of our hotel group personally hands the awards out to the winners. All the concierges from our 17 Red Carnation Hotels across the world are eligible. Many other concierges have golden keys so I felt immensely proud to win the award,” he said.
However, the highlight of his career was having a royal invitation extended to him by the Saudi royal family after their stay at the hotel in 2012. Sadulla and his mother, Fairuz, were granted the opportunity to make their pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, paid for by the royal family.
“It was amazing as the job I love so much offered the opportunity to not only me, but my mother to complete a spiritual journey at such a young age.
“Normally, those wanting to go on Hajj would have to wait years for visas but our application was completed immediately.
“The experience was so memorable for me and having the opportunity to give back to my mother made it even more worthwhile,” he said.
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