Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Goat seems really happy at being arrested

This goat DGAF he was just busted by the police.
The smiling animal was apprehended by officers in the Norfolk, Virginia area.
He led police on something of a wild goose goat chase before surrendering to Officer Blankenship.
Don’t worry, contacted the Norfolk City Jail – the goat is not being kept in custody.
The Norfolk Police Department said: ‘A goat on the loose in Norfolk – After a brief foot pursuit by Animal Control Officers Blankenship and Calnan the goat was apprehened.
‘No charges will be filed against the goat! He was just enjoying the springtime weather. Nicely done Animal Control!’
(Picture: AP/Stockton Police Department)
He’s the best criminal since the hunky mugshot guy, Jeremy Meeks, who is now heading to Hollywood, FYI.

So maybe we should watch this space for this dazzling goat.

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