Saturday, 2 April 2016

Man Says Puppy Isn't Photogenic But Internet Disagrees

Jamie Watt

A British man posted a photo of his dog making silly faces with the caption, "Our new puppy isn't exactly photogenic."
Jamie Watt, the owner of the seven-month-old golden retriever, Luna, didn't expect the Internet to completely disagree when he posted the photo to .


Watt, 20, told ABC News that the photo was actually taken by his cousin after Luna received treatment for bladder issues.
"We were all kind of feeling a bit down about it," he said. "We took the photo just to cheer everyone up."
Watt said he had a confession: Despite his caption, he knows Luna is "an adorable puppy."
"I always knew it was a cute photo," he added, "I was just kind of saying that."

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