Sunday, 10 April 2016

Police : Lucky ducks rescued and reunited in St. Johns County

When a mother duck flew away from the storm drain where her ducklings had become trapped late Friday, Candy D'Orsi said she feared the worst.
"We were scared they would die alone," said D'Orsi, who kept vigil over the 12 baby ducks alongside other anxious neighbors in their World Golf Village community.
Lucky for the ducks, St. Johns County Fire & Rescue Station 16 was nearby. When a couple of middle schoolers showed up asking for help, rescuers responded right away.
They quickly arrived on scene, removed the storm drain cover and grate, then climbed down into the drain.
One by one, all of the ducklings were safely removed.
After taking a few photos with their new heroes, the ducks were taken to a nearby pond where they reunited with their mother.
Once back together, they all swam away safely.
Station 16 Captain Brian Mitzel said, "It's always rewarding to help.. whether it's an animal or a person."

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