Sunday, 10 April 2016

WATCH Adult Film Star Builds a Darth Vader Replica Using Only Sex Toys

In honor of the upcoming Star Wars film, adult film star Kayla-Jane Danger, thought she’d get everyone hyped about the film in a way only a porn star could: by creating a replica Darth Vader using nothing but sex toys.

The 7-foot-tall statue, called “Darth Vibrader,” was a little bit more intricate than what meets the eye. The entire statue was created with 200 vibrators, 10 paddles, a rubber fist, two rows of anal beads, a whip and “hooker boots.” The “Darth Vibrader” took over eight hours to build and costs over $3,000.

If you’re more interested in pleasure from this insane statue, Kayla has a few tips:
You could rub yourself on the light saber, or use the big strap-on in front. There are five bullet vibrators in his hands—and those have more power than a Hitachi wand.

If you’re interested in the entire process to create “Darth Vibrader,” they filmed the process for everyone to enjoy. If that’s still not enough, you can check out the statue in Los Angeles, where it will be in front of the headquarters.

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